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Urban Apartments in Cleveland, Ohio

Smartland® One-3-One apartments are more than just a standard apartment complex. It is your ticket to a new and incredible life. How? Well first, you’ll have direct access to all of the excitement that life in the city has to offer, but without the cramped and concrete life that so many urban dwellings are doomed to imprison you. Located in Garfield Heights,  in close proximity to I480, One-3-One Apartments lives up to its name with many natural gifts. Take a landscape of lush green scenery to the backdrop of the excitement of a modern Midwestern style. The apartments themselves are renovated, well-maintained and clean, and tucked into a rich complex of many amenities our apartment residents are all but spoiled by. We make apartment life a dream, offering you recently renovated and upgraded comfy abodes that offer you choices between 1 and 2 bedroom plans. 

You can check out the Neighborhood Page to explore what surrounds this apartment complex, but even within its boundaries, you’ll find many luxurious facilities and features that just keep making things sweeter. Our recently renovated units include dazzling kitchens with clean and modern appliances forged only of the finest stainless steel. Throw in some top-of-the line smart technology, and breathtaking balcony views, and you’ve just found paradise in One-3-One Apartments.

If you want to live like royalty in your next apartment, well, don’t take our word for it. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to give you a personal tour. Seeing is being, and we know once your eyes have feasted, you won’t want to leave.

Once you see our humble abodes for yourself, you’ll understand why our tenants love life in One-3-One Apartments.

Got Questions?

Contact us with any questions you have at all, and our warm and friendly staff will be more than happy to help or check our FAQ Page for more information. We’re here to help, and I hope to see you soon!

Pet Friendly for Your
Special Friends

Got pets? No problem. We, at One-3-One Apartments, are proud to support pet ownership and are more than happy to stand by our pet owner tenants. People are happier with their pets, and we want our residents to be happy. We accept dogs and cats and would be more than happy to discuss your individual situation.
Uber me home

Free Uber Me Home
When You're in a Bind

What if we told you that you could get emergency rides home on us, complete FREE? That's right, we're teaming up with Uber to bring you Uber Me Home, which means if you partied a bit much, or if you just find yourself stranded and in a bind, we've got your back. You can get a ride home from Uber, once a month completely free. On the house, or should we say the One-3-One Apartments?

EV Charging Station
for Electric Cars

We are doing everything we can to encourage environmentally friendly options and go green, and we 100% support electric car ownership. As a bonus to our renters who own electric vehicles, we provide modern and ready-to-use EV Charging stations for your convenience. We are ahead of the curve and doing our part for the planet, and we want you to know that we support all of our tenants who are doing the same.
EV Cahrging Station

24 Hour Maintenance

Your safety is paramount, as is the maintenance and quality of all of our living facilities. We want our residents to know that maintenance is a priority, and as such, we provide 24-hour maintenance service for all of our apartments. That’s right! Just pick up the phone at any time of the day or night, and a technician will be ready to hear your concerns. Our crew consists of skilled, reliable, and friendly professionals who are ready to take your calls around the clock, and all emergency situations are handled without a moment’s hesitation or delay.

24hr Maintenance

Bike Repair Stations

We want to preserve the environment and promote the health of all of our residents, and that means supporting healthy outdoor activities. We are proud to offer bike repair stations around our properties to encourage our tenants to get out and ride. Our stations have all the tools you need to get back on two wheels and use them as a pit stop on the way to downtown urban neighborhoods that are just a stone's throw away.
bicycle Station
Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology

When we said our apartments were modern, we meant that our apartments were modern, and we pulled all the stops to make that a reality. Not only have our apartments been freshly upgraded with the latest state of the art appliances, but we’re also giving you instant access to all the best and latest in-home smart technology. Smart locks, USB outlets, and laundry machines that you can operate with your smartphone. When you think of One-3-One Apartments, we want you to think of modern and green.

Convenient City Living

One-3-One Apartments rests proudly in the heart of a thriving, but quiet community just minutes away from the heart of busy Cleveland. You’ll find all the shopping, excitement, and everything you need just a stroll away. The crowded and noisy city life isn’t for you? No problem, there’s plenty to do right here in the neighborhood if you prefer a slower and quieter pace or just prefer to skip the distance.

See the Neighborhood Page to learn what businesses are conveniently located within close proximity of the One-3-One Apartments.

For daily shopping, there’s plenty of grocers nearby, so no need to trudge into the city if you don’t want to. Pay a visit to Miles Supermarket or Save-A-Lot for all of your shopping needs. And if you wish to unwind and get a drink, visit the Indulge VSP Lounge.

Whether you prefer the razzle and dazzle of city life or the quiet and simple things, here in our neighborhood, there’s something for everyone.